Arryved streamlines the mechanics of ordering to allow breweries and other restaurants to focus on what made them great. Restaurants who participate in the Arryved network facilitate faster customer orders, easy bill-splitting, lower transaction fees and more loyalty.


Ascent360 is a cloud based marketing software that enables highly targeted, omni-channel marketing strategies direct to customers and prospects.

Charge It Spot

ChargeItSpot is the leading provider of phone charging stations for retailers and brands. Our state-of-the-art phone charging kiosks feature secure steel lockers, an easy-to-use interface, and a full suite of customization options.

Clever Endeavour

Clever Endeavour is a game development studio from Montreal, producer of award-winning Ultimate Chicken Horse.


Dabble makes it easy to try something new through one-time experiences. Explore the city around you, meet like-minded people and expand your horizons.


Simply the easiest way to find unique furniture and home decor at the best prices online.

Green Green

Green Green is a Canadian fintech company that provides credit, merchant processing and banking services to the legal cannabis market.


Kindara has created the most powerful and trusted fertility app on the market. In 2016, we began shipping Wink, the only Bluetooth-connected Basal Body Temperature (BBT) thermometer on the market that connects with an app.

PageDip (formerly Beneath The Ink)

Pagedip (formerly ‘Beneath the Ink’) provides intuitive, digital content creation for both web and ebook publishing.


Penda is a Kenyan company with medical centers throughout Nairobi. Penda offers Urgent Care, pre-natal care for expectant mothers, Well-baby care including comprehensive vaccination services, screening and treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes, dental services, and laboratory services.


Revaluate creates real estate prospects using advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze Government Data, Social Data and prospect search and spend behavior to predict who is most likely to move.


Shinesty’s mission is to bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen.


Silvernest is creating the next generation of roommates. A more modern kind. A well-matched kind. The result? Extra income and an expanded community, with support every step of the way. After all, this is your house. Silvernest just helps you put the “us” in it.


Sondermind matches trusted therapists to your needs. With expertise in 85 different specialties and many locations, you can be sure to find a therapist that’s right for you.


Teltoo provides online video delivery services to cable and other streaming video providers worldwide.


Termscout help’s companies sell more through better intelligence. We are focused on sourcing immense quantities of data, putting it through our proprietary refinement process and providing valuable sales intelligence in order to help our customers sell more effectively and efficiently.

The Dotcom

The.com Sites Pro is the fastest way to create and launch a website without code. Every detail is editable so you can build exactly what you want in record time.


We’re on a mission to help coaches save time, deliver a better experience for their clients, and grow their training businesses. We built TrueCoach to enable 1-to-1 coaching that scales, freeing up time for coaches to get out of the gym and work on their businesses rather than in their businesses. Over 5,000+ coaches and gym owners trust TrueCoach.


WorkBright’s digital onboarding solution removes the headache of new hire paperwork and gets employees ready to work BEFORE their first day.